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We are still playing at the Woodlands Community Center in the back of the Woodland's Mall. 

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 August 2022 Updates

The Community Center  is once again our playing location for our Friday Chess Club meetings.  We are using this location so that we can start holding our tournaments in a quiet location.

We have the community center from 5 pm to 10 pm on Fridays. If you show up between 5-7 you may have to wait a while for other players to show up to play. Most players seem to come in around 7 pm but some like to start early at 5 pm.

As long as four people show up we will have a Quad tournament for that night. If a larger group shows up and desires a Swiss System pairing we will set up the tournament in that format. For chess players not wanting to play in the tournament, there will be casual play in another room in the building.

We will alternate between having a tournament that is USCF rated and one that is not USCF rated. There will be a small prize fund for both types. Most tournaments will take two to three Fridays to complete. Tournament fees will usually be $20 to $30 and 75% of fees collected will be returned as the prize fund.

If there is enough interest, we can have lessons and lectures the first hour of the meeting.

NEW ---NEW--- We meet Saturday at Becks Prime in the Woodland from 7 pm to 10 pm .
NEW---New--- We are meeting at Becks Prime in the Woodlands from 3 pm- 6 pm+ on Sundays.

 I would like to update my email list and text/phone list of all interested chess players. Please use the email or text(281-601-7788) me your up-to date and preferred phone numbers for texting and preferred email addresses to contact you. 

Thank you.
Steve Lacombe


Click this link for the Follow Chess Website for all the latest and live tournaments around the world.

Friday=The SMC Chess Club meets every Friday from 7pm-10:00 pm at South County Community Center at 2235 Lake Robbins Drive, Spring, Texas. Our  meeting place is located  right next to the Montgomery County Library in the back of the Woodlands Mall.

We also meet at these locations:

Saturday= We are meeting at Becks Prime in the Woodlands from  6pm to 10pm.

Sun =We are meeting at Becks Prime in the Woodlands from 

3 pm to 6 pm +.

 We are a chess club geared towards adults and strong scholastic players. We hold USCF club tournaments in Quad, Swiss, and Round Robin format.

We also hold informal skittles play, match play, and speed chess play.

We have informal non-rated ladder matches and match play.

Phone:  281-601-7788 (Cell) New number
Steve Lacombe




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