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Texas 2018

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Upcoming Tournaments in Texas  2018

S Chess Junior Grand Prix!

Feb. 15-19, 16-19, 17-19 or 18-19   9th annual Southwest Class Championships

US Chess Grand Prix Points: 150 (Enhanced)

9SS (Master Section), 7SS (other sections). DFW Airport Marriott South, 4151 Centreport Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76155. Free parking, free airport shuttle. 5-day schedule, Feb 15-19: Master Section only, GM & IM norms possible, 40/2, SD/30 d10. 4-day schedule, Feb 16-19: Expert through Class E, 40/2, SD/30 d10. 3-day schedule: Expert through Class E, Feb 17-19, rds. 1-2 G/60 d10, then merges with 4-day. 2-day schedule: Class B through E, Feb 19-20, rds. 1-4 G/30 d10, then merges with others. $30,000 prize fund unconditionally guaranteed. FIDE ratings used in Master Section, USCF February official in others. In 7 sections; rated players may play up one section; all foreign FIDE rated may enter Master Section. Master (2200/up): $3000-1500-1000-600-400, clear or tiebreak winner $200, top FIDE U2300 $1400-700. FIDE. Expert (2000-2199): $2000-1000-500-300-200. Class A (1800-1999/Unr): $2000-1000-500- 300-200. Class B (1600-1799/Unr): $2000-1000-500-300-200. Class C (1400-1599/Unr): $1700-900-500-300-200. Class D (1200-1399/Unr): $800-400-300-200-100. Class E (Under 1200/Unr): $800-400-300-200- 100. Unrated (0-3 lifetime games rated) may enter A through E, with maximum prize E $100, D $200, C $300, B $400, A $600. Mixed doubles: best male/female 2-player team combined score among all sections: $1000-600-400. Team must average under 2200; may play in different sections; register (no extra fee) before both players begin round 2; prize limits do not apply to mixed doubles. Top 5 sections EF: $158 online at chessaction.com by 2/14, $180 at site (no checks, credit cards OK), or online until 2 hours before round 1. 5- day $165, 4-day $164, 3-day $163, 2-day $162 mailed by 2/6. GMs, foreign IMs/WGMs in Master Section free; $150 deducted from prize. Minimum prize $400 to first 8 foreign GMs who enter online by 1/15 and play all 9 games with no byes; deduction cannot lower prize to below the minimum. US IMs/WGMs, foreign FIDE rated players in Master Section, EF $80 less. Class D or E Section EF: All $80 less than top 5 sections EF. Re-entry (no Master to Master) $60. All: Special 1 yr USCF dues with magazine if paid with entry. Online at chessaction.com, Adult $35, Young Adult $22, Scholastic $15. Mailed or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $25, Scholastic $17. 5-day schedule: Late reg. ends Thu 6 pm, rds Thu 7, Fri 12 & 7, Sat 11 & 6, Sun 11 & 6, Mon 10 & 4:15. 4-day schedule: Late reg. ends Fri 6 pm, rds. Fri 7 pm, Sat 11 & 6, Sun 11 & 6, Mon 10 & 4:15. 3-day schedule: Late reg. ends Sat 10 am, rds .Sat 11, 2:30 & 6, Sun 11 & 6, Mon 10 & 4:15. 2-day schedule: Late reg. ends Sun 9 am, rds. Sun 10, 12, 2, 3:45 & 6, Mon 10 & 4:15. Byes: OK all, limit 2; Master must commit before rd. 3, others before rd. 4. Unofficial uschess.org ratings usually used if otherwise unrated. Foreign player ratings (Expert & below): See chesstour.com/foreignratings.htm. HR: $103-103, 817-358-1700, reserve by 2/2 or rate may increase. Car rental: Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633. Ent: Continental Chess, Box 249, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577. Questions: chesstour.com, DirectorAtChess.US, 347-201-2269. $15 service charge for refunds. Bring set, board, clock if possible; none supplied. Advance entries posted at chessaction.com (online entries posted instantly). Blitz tournament Sun 10:30 pm, enter by 10:15 pm.


US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

Mar. 16-18 or 17-18   Lone Star Open

US Chess Grand Prix Points: 30

5SS, (Open and U2000 Sections are G/90 i30, and FIDE rated; All other Sections are G/120 d5). Free entry for GMs,IMs,WGMs and WIMs (EF deducted from winnings). SIDE EVENTS: (Schol. Team & Ind., 4SS, G/30 d5, 1-day only, Sat. Mar. 17th); 5-min. Blitz "CAJUN KNOCK-OUT" (Sat. night after Rd. 3). Separate room for schol. Players - A trophy or medal will be awarded to each schol. player. DoubleTree by Hilton near IAH Airport (Houston North – JFK Blvd. off of Beltway 8), 15747 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Houston, TX 77032, Ph: 281-848-4000, $89 chess rate (reserve by 3/2 and mention Cajun Chess Tournament). Free Parking! Free airport shuttle service! Free wireless internet in all guestrooms! Discounted Hotel Breakfast Coupons for all hotel room guests ($12 Hot Breakfast Buffet – Guests are responsible for tax & gratuities). Hotel check-in time is 3pm; check-out time is 12 noon. For guests who need later check out on Sunday, you may stay in your room until 7pm for an additional day rate of $69; otherwise, hotel will store luggage at no charge on Sunday afternoon for those checking out at 12 noon. 5 Sects. PRIZES: $10,000 b/200 paid ent. OPEN: $1400-800-500-300-200; U2200: $700-400; U2000: $800-400-200-100-50; U1800: $800-400-200-100-50; U1600/Unr*: $800-400-200-100-50; U1300: $400-300-200-100-50. *Unrated players may only win 50% of the prize fund except in the Open Sect. where they must pay full EF and are eligible for full prize fund. Schol.Sects. (Team & Individual): K-2, K-5, K-8, K-12. Prizes: Trophies to top 5 individuals & top 3 teams in each section (more ind. trophies depending on pre-entries). Every non-trophy winner receives a souvenir chess medal. Teams may have as many players as they wish from the same school in the same section but must have a minimum of 3 players to be considered a team; the top 4 scores will count for final team score. Scholastic Players may play in both Scholastic and Main Tournaments if desired by registering for the Scholastic Tournament AND a section in the 3-day Schedule of the Main Tournament with a 1/2-point Bye in the 2nd Round of the 3-Day Schedule. USCF-recommended computer tiebreaks will decide trophy and medal placements for winners of all schol. sections. Free chess gift to oldest player and to player who travels farthest to OPEN tourn. CAJUN BOUNTY: Defeat the top ranked player in the OPEN sect. and win free entry to our next tournament! EF: $95 by 3/9; $110 thereafter and at site; Unr. (U1600) and Jrs. (under 19 yrs of age and playing in U1300 or U1600 Sections) $65 by 3/9; $80 thereafter and at site. Schol. EF: $20 by 3/9; $30 thereafter and at site; Re-Entry Fee (no Re-Entry in OPEN and U2000 Sects): $35 (avail. up to Rd. 4; 3 re-entries or 2 Jr. entries count as one additional entry for prize fund). 3-day Sched: Reg. Fri. 5:30-7pm, Rds. Fri. 8pm; Sat. 2-7, Sun. 10-3. 2-day Sched: Reg. Sat. 7:45-8:30am, (Rds. Sat. 9-2-7, Sun. 10-3. Both schedules merge at Rd. 2. Schol. Sched: (All 4 rds. G/30 d5 - one day only, Sat., Mar. 17). Reg. Sat. 8:30am-9:30am, Rd. one at 10am; Other Rds. will immediately follow. Byes for OPEN & U2000 Sects: Up to two 1/2-pt. byes available for any round except Round 5 (if you cannot stay for Rd. 5 you must take a 0-pt. bye or simply withdraw after Rd. 4); Byes for all other Sects. In Open Tourn: Up to two 1/2-pt. byes avail. For any Rd. and must commit before Rd. 3. Byes for SCHOL. Tourn: Only one ½-point bye allowed and must commit before Rd. 2. HR: $89 (281-848-4000), reserve by 3/2 and mention Cajun Chess Tournament to assure group rate. ENT: On-line registration, printable entry form, and more detailed info at www.cajunchess.com, or mail entry form to Cajun Chess, 12405 Hillary Step Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654. Info or Phone Ent: 504-208-9596 or 504-905-2971. Major credit cards accepted (no checks at site). FIDE.


A Heritage Event!

US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

A State Championship Event!

May 25-28 or 26-28   73rd Annual Texas State and Amateur Championships

US Chess Grand Prix Points: 30 (Enhanced)

7SS. DFW Airport Marriott South, 4151 Centreport Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76155. $$ 8,350G. Championship: This section is FIDE rated and uses FIDE rules. The tournament will use USCF ratings for pairings and prize purposes. Must be rated 2000 or above regular (not quick, blitz or rapid) by either USCF or Fide to play in this section or have had a provable 2000 or higher regular rating in the past. Defending Texas State Amateur Champion may also play in this section. Texas Scholastic High School Champions (either South or North/Central) may also play in this section. Foreign unrateds may play in this section and at TDs discretion may be required to play in Championship section. G/90 with 30 sec. increment. Foreign players must disclose their FIDE ID number before 1st round in order to play in Championship section. Default late forfeiture time is one hour. TD may extend this time at TD’s discretion. $$ 1,000-500-250, 2200-2399 $750, U2200 $750. Amateur: U2000 & unrated. Rds. 1-7 G/90 with 30 sec increment. $$ 800-400-200. B $$ 600-300-150, C 500-250-125, U1400 $500- 250-125, U1200 $400, U1000 $300 Unrated $200. Both: TCA membership required. Other states accepted. EF: $89 if received by 5/16, else $99. $80 Junior (U19) if received by 5/16 else $90, Senior (over 65)/Handicapped/ additional family participant $53 if receive by 5/16 else $65. Add $5 for CC phone entries; pre-reg. requires pre-payment. After 5/23 all registration and changes on site only; all changes including withdrawals, $10 after 5/23. 4 day: Reg. Friday 5/25, 6:15 pm-7:15. Rds. Fri: 7:45, Sat: 2:45 pm - 7:30, Sun: 11:30 am - 5:15 pm, Mon: 9:30 am - 2:15 pm. 3 day: Reg. Sat. 5/26, 9-9:30 am, Rd. 1 at 10 am then merge with 4 day. Foreign Unrated must play in Championship section. Registrations that do not indicate 4 or 3 day schedule will be put in the 3 day. HR: $109/109/109/109, 817-358- 1700 or 800-228-9290 reserve by 5/13 and ask for Chess rate. Rate includes breakfast for up to 4 hotel guests. Free Parking. Up to two 1/2 pt byes available if requested before end of rd. 2 and before receiving full point bye, but byes for both rounds 6 AND 7 is not permitted. K-12 Scholastic on Saturday, 5/26. 5-SS, Rds. G/30 d5, EF: $29 by 5/16, $45 after; Pre-reg. requires pre-payment. After 5/23 all registration and changes on site only; all changes $10 after 5/23. No refunds after 5/24, $10 handling fee for refunds before 5/24. Registration 8:15-8:45 am, Rd. 1 at 9:30 am, rest ASAP with small lunch break. Sections: K-12 Championship and K- 12 U1000. Prizes: Trophies to top 12 individuals, top five teams in each section. K-12 U1000 also top three unrateds. Medals to those who do not win a trophy. Ent: Dallas Chess Club, C/O Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036. Info: Barb Swafford, 214-632-9000, info@dallaschess.com www.dallaschess.com. W. FIDE.

Louisiana 2018



Oklahoma 2018

US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

Feb. 17-18   Oklahoma City Open

US Chess Grand Prix Points: 10

5-SS; G/90+30. Crowne Plaza Oklahoma City, 2945 Northwest Expressway, OKC 73112, (405)848-4811, HR: $59/night. Two Sections: Open, and Reserve (U1700). EF: $40 if mailed by 2/7, $50 thereafter, FREE entry for Masters 2200+ (deducted from prizewinnings). Free OCF Memb. Prizes $$2350 (1st prize Gtd., the rest b/64). Open: $500(G)-250 U2100: 250-100, U1900: 250-100, Reserve (U1700): $300-150, U1400: 200-100, U1100/UNR: 150. More $$ if entries permit. Byes: One half-point bye Rds. 1-5 if commit before Sat 9PM. REG.: 9-9:45 Sat AM. Rounds: 10-2:30-7, 9-1:15. Entries to: Tom Braunlich, 7500 S. Birch, Broken Arrow, OK 74011. Inquiries: tom.braunlich@cox.net Web: www.ocfchess.org.


US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

May 19-20   Frank K. Berry Memorial

US Chess Grand Prix Points: 20

5-SS; G/90+30. Wyndham Hotel, 10918 E. 41st St., Tulsa, OK. 918-627-5000. HR: $79. — SPECIAL EVENT: Blindfold Exhibition by GM Gareyev, Fri, 5/18, 6:30pm. See www.ocfchess.org for info. — Two Sections: Open and Reserve (U1600). EF: $40 if mailed by 5/15, $50 thereafter, FREE for Masters 2200+ (deducted from winnings). Free OCF. Prizes $$2600 (1st Prize Gtd. each section, rest b/65 paid entries) Open: $1,000(G)-250, X: 200, A: 200, B: 200. Reserve (U1600): $250(G)-100, D: 200, U1200/UNR: 200. Reg.: 9-9:45am Sat 5/19. Byes: One 1/2-pt bye Rds. 1-5 if commit before Sat 9pm. Rds.: (5/19) 10-2:30-7, (5/20) 9-1:15. Entries to: Tom Braunlich, 7500 S. Birch, Broken Arrow, OK 74011. Inquiries: tom.braunlich@cox.net Web: www.ocfchess.org

Upcoming club tournaments 

We will be starting new quad this month. Some will be with longer time controls such as game in 2 hours and some of the quads will be shorter time controls such as game 29 minutes for a USCF quick rating.


 Ladder tournament rankings as of 1/20/2013.


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